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And why I before

And why I before guests did not love?Questions and tasks to the fairy tale As you think why the hedgehog at first did not like guests, and then he fell in love with them?How you think why all in the wood helped an ezhikha to recover?Whom you like to visit, and why?How often to you guests come?What games you play with the guests?To whom more often guests come to you or to your parents?How you decorate a table when guests come?Whether you participate in conversation of adults when guests come?

Seated the young

And it was good in this dress lovely sight, and only!Well, went it to the palace.Mind and Happiness did not leave it together with the guy were to the tsar that, so any minute to help the to mister if it is required.Seated the young merchant on a place of honor, near pashas, as well as it befits the important guest.Well, and the guy, in the elegant dress, simply an angel seemed to all both it is beautiful, and it is clever directly an eye cannot be taken away.Here ate a little and drank; left the queen of guests to treat and tell them the privetny word.


They bragged of force and cunning.And here Johnny Yablochnoye Zer nyshko about which we are going to tell you, was absolutely other person.He was not the athlete and the giant at all or as spoke about Mike Fink, semicrocodile semihorse.No, it was silent, the modest person who, however, made great causes.It killed nobody neither animals, nor Indians, as, to Sozh laziness, did many.Absolutely opposite, he was on friendly terms and with those, and with others.And nevertheless it was not similar to other people not it.

The pedagogics

The school has to become counterbalance to the society praying on technology and preaching general consumption.She has to cultivate tolerance and respect for another and to help children to see sense and life values.The school has to become the lawyer for children at all variety and slo K., h.zhnost of their characters.The pedagogics is again urged to specify to children of a way, having entered on which, they will learn to live responsibly and to develop in itself independence and independence.All of us want, that our children were able to love, create, were kind.

It was necessary

I still will deal with you mother promised, but whale escaped it.Mother and the father sat at a festive dinner at the head hundred la.And though mother threw the angry at the son from time to time views, on her face continually there was a smile.It was necessary to smile, listening, what great from the kryty were made by the father.Nikita did not wait for dismantling.After a dinner the father led mother to the steppe, to look at stars, and his hand lay on a mother's shoulder.

She was the most

On the big leaf of a Whatman paper children draw this holiday and tell about it.TALE ABOUT THE ASTERISK Anna Perevalova Once upon a time there was in heavens a small Asterisk.She was the most beautiful of all children of mother Stars.Elder sisters and brothers did not love it, and mother loved it it is very strong.Once the Asterisk ached.Mother vstrevo was and solved immediately to call the doctor.The doctor was clear Sun.It lived near the Moon, and mother Zvezda asked the Moon to descend behind it.

Warn children

Under music insects and flowers cheerfully dance and are turned.Unexpectedly music breaks, and all children fade.Then the teacher gives to group of insects team the rain gathers the sun sat down, look for a lodging for the night; it is time to have dinner etc..On command insects under fly by the flowers and take them by hands.Warn children that near each flower has to be on one insect.Then each couple makes a small sketch dialogue.The flower has to tell an insect some hospitable phrases, for example I will cover you from a rain; I will feed sweet nectar.


They raskhazhi bring down on footpaths, trampling down petals, and petals did not wither; they drank water from aryk, and the issue was not confused; they broke with derev ev fruits, and fruits did not decrease.All day did not stop in a garden domra sounds, cheerful songs, loud laughter.Questions and tasks What people were Asanas, Hassan and their children?Why all of them refused gold?Present that you one of the wise man's pupils.As if you posove tovat to people to dispose of the found gold?

Bie U. lichn


To test itself, it it is loud shouted and clearly heard the voice which is repeatedly repeated echo.Vision did not disappear.Then it very much directed to the wise man's tilt cart also told about everything that with him there it happened.Having listened to his story, both the wise man, and three of his pupils, and Asanas with Hasen, and their children wished to see a garden immediately.Shortly the hearing about a wonderful garden was carried on all steppes.The first to a garden rode on the fleet amblers riders of a blue blood.But only they reached an edge, as before them the high fencing with iron gate grew on seven locks.


Can they dis to kurirovat each other?Or, perhaps, participate in any joint the action?That will come later and in a particular forM

As a rule, at first

After discussion it is possible to ask children that, in their opinion, on the following occupation it is possible to make even better.If the psychologist uses in correctional work zhetonny system, on the final occupation stage after all counters are handed, it is possible to ask children to whom they would give additional counter.As a rule, at first some children propose the candidacy, however the psychologist asks to mark out any of companions.As children, especially preschool age, sometimes suggest to mark out the friend or the girlfriend, the leader asks to prove for what it is possible to mark out this or that child.

Well, and this

And the average brother had to do the same way, so far at last he did not drive up to a high castle where there lived the sister.Tenderly she met him, embraced, without knowing, to laugh or pla to kat for pleasure.And the prince the Sun was glad to arrival of the young man.At last the average brother dared and asked the Sun to release the sister home to stay for a while.Well, and this time the Sun agreed, I will release it with you if you show, on what you are good.Popas tomorrow mine sheep and meaning that you grazed them properly, but did not leave without supervision, bring to me gradually everything that they ate.

It and noticed

She bitterly cried because it cut a finger.It and noticed nothing anybody, except pain.Then fairies surrounded its dense ring and amicably waved the wings.The girl lightened and ceased to cry.Fairies asked sunshine to dry up somewhat quicker devochkina of tears ki, and she started listening to everything around.It uslysha la as flowers smell, buzz insects and birds sing.And fairies whispered to it that the world is beautiful around that a wound on pal tse will soon heal, and you should not be afflicted strongly.

Friend Birthday

Creative task When to children it is not necessary care Divide children into groups.Each group receives a card with drawing of any pet, for example horses, monkeys, turtles, parrot, cat, dog, etc.Children sostavlya yut the story as it is necessary to look after this pet, that was to it well.Friend Birthday ended, and Sasha's friends dispersed.Day passed cheerfully, but in the evening the boy became sad.Again there is no puppy!Mother promised, the father promised and nevertheless did not buy.

, etc. Tsaka

Wanted to eat orange

lines we lower hands, we connect palms to close fingers and we bend all fingers that in one, in other party.lines we stroke a palm about a palm easy roundabouts.Wanted to eat orange Five children, and it one.This segment for Natasha, This will be given by us to Sasha, We will treat with this to Marin, Well, and we will give two to Irina.Will eat the others Our lovely Nadyusha.lines we do roundabouts by both hands as though we have in palms an orange.

From a hollow

He was even unable not to come to the friend.Next morning the friend told it with a smile And I believed that you one overcame a wild goat!It became offensive for the young hunter, and he thought with bitterness Whether yes my friend loves me?Soon in the regular way it again went to the wood.On a track, on which animals daily went on a watering place, was not yet hot scents.Any forest animal did not meet to him on this time.So there was it long.From a hollow fog rose.Suddenly to it was heard as if on a hill slope someone struck winter crop mo tygy.

Kick the ball

The team players who dropped a ball on plo shchadka, miss the goal.Stock ball.Play on a platform before you soky fence or blank wall without windows.Mi nimalny number of players .Players queue.Kick the ball foot so that it would hit a wall, and then, on a rebound, struck has to through it to jump.Jumped runs in the end turns, the ball is kicked by the following player etc.Before a leaping it is allowed only odes but earth ball contact.


Then teams change ro lyaM

It is very

One relative to another?Yes.To clarify this with logic, and sensual.This will help the child if not cope fully, but, in any case, to understand what is happening with hiM

The woodcutter

V Written work Write history how the dog and a bear from the fairy tale found to itself new owner.Drawing Draw a stone bear and tell how it helped people in different to situations?AS THE PINE FOR GOOD PAID BACK Japanese fairy tale Once upon a time there was a woodcutter, kind, but very poor.Liu the woodcutter's trees never he without need live beat will not cut down a branch, will not break.The woodcutter knew you will break a branch the tree can wither, and he protected trees in the wood.There was somehow time the woodcutter on the wood.

The relative

Whether it was difficult for you to guess?All of us than.are similar.GAME since years Purposes During this game it is very beautifully shown as an originality of each child, and the general the lines uniting it with others.Everyone is calmed by thought that in something it not it is lonely.The relative lack of time provides some superficiality of communication, that facilitates participation in game of constraining children.This game involves children in intensive process of exchange of information about itself.

If You want

They live according to their importance on Facebook?Literally so.The question is how to approach modern undergrowth Kam, who thus live and something to change them to instill values, we want them to have?Where to start?First of all, it is impossible to start midway suddenly come to year old teenagers and start to talk.At what age a child is considered a teenager?years.If You want my opinion, in the years a person is an adult, and not a teenager.It's late?A teenager he is much earlier from up to years.


After performance by pupils of a task at their own choice it is possible to issue the stand with interesting recipes, to carry out to ask discussion of this form of work, what stage of work was interfaced with additional difficulties or with positive emotions search of literature, actually language activity, registration of work for the stand.Information received by the teacher in the course of discussion, it can be used when planning the further activity at lessons.By preparation of homework for physics the teacher can recommend not simply to learn theoretical material, but also to pick up tasks of this subject, having shown their decision before a class; to give the report, to issue the stand etc.

But other

Do not judge children strictly We ask, do not judge strictly, We look for the road, We want to find ourselves, Way we will not repeat yours.It is fine, light, clear, And, of course, it is not vain.But other absolutely our way, Difficult it, rocky let.In it dense woods Hide miracles in hollows, In it deep ravines Teach force and courage.In it there are hurricanes, Bruises and even wounds, But a love star in way Helps us to go.You it lit it, That we found happiness.We always know about it, We will not lose a star.

And they

Did not wonder when placed in the wood traps, whose hands they are made.And they were weaved from branches and lianas by his elder brother preserving carefree youth of the younger.Younger it seemed that the brother does not understand it, therefore always chose to himself in companions of the neighbour's boy, companion dets ky entertainments.With it they were unseparable.That too well shot, knew forest tracks and habits fly into a rage.And still he knew many exotic stories from the grandfather, old hunter.So, together, boys carried out the whole days, and having come home, divided production.

Behind us there

In one second he seized me by a hand and shouted jump, and we jumped over a ditch.And I understood that this horse was enraged, and cried from horror.Behind us there was a woman with a carriage.It too closed the person hands also cried.Then my father again jumped on to to horn, pushed the woman in a ditch, and a carriage with the child grabbed also jumped back.He managed to grab a carriage almost for I ask senky fraction of a second from a horse.The horse flew by, and he rescued all of us.Woman was wet because it fell in a ditch.

If sluggishness

One at first do, and then think, others, on the contrary, at first all carefully consider.If sluggishness the child it is feature of his nervous system, his character, he is simply not able to hurry and therefore everything does netoropl in.Parents need to accept temperament of the child so as they accept color of his eyes or hair.Speed and rhythm of modern life often much quicker, than rhythm of life of the child.The adult living in the modern world and re shayushchy in a day the set of problems, is hard to consult with reaped niy to hasten the child that he managed to make the affairs in time.


I do not think, because it goes against nature.But he may, by asking questions, right to send older.To make it even better teacher?I ask to what extent Your daughters influenced each other in the process growing up?Very much.Between brothers and sisters is established clear the hierarchy.Theorists of psychology, in particular Alfred Adler, say, what is the eldest child always has something to teach the younger, and not only Part one to quarrel with hiM

Berry, koto

No, mother, we only found one and that decided to bring you.God rescued you, children!mother exclaimed.Berry, koto swarm you so admire, is called as wolf berry, it very much it is poisonous.Who will eat it by all means will die.And with these words the woman threw berry on the earth and races trampled down it.Petya stood, having lowered a head, and nearly cried, poor mal Chick was very afflicted that he did not manage to deliver udovol stvy mothers.

The woman

Not to cry, eat quickly!cried with irritation woman.Manechka suddenly ceased to be afraid As you dare to shout at my sister.I will not give it in offense!The stranger shriveled and decreased in sizes.Izv we nyayushchitsya by voice she murmured Ah, I'm sorry, here for Anechki a piece of fine cheese for breakfast.The woman got cheese from a handbag and stretched it to vochka.An, break off to me a half Manechka asked.I have not enough younger sister and murmured with greed swallowed cheese.The greedy person, choke addressed her Ma nechka.

Game duration

Then children me nyatsya by roles.It is possible to play at the same time with two subgroup mi children, two kites, two in that case get out brood hens and chickens form two columns.Chickens can hold a dress ahead standing or to put hands each other on shoulders.Game duration with same on grid no more than sec.Upon termination of game the tutor marks out those on the horseman which well protected chickens.By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ingenuity, dexterity, feeling tovarishchest va.

With hunting

OPINION OF CHILDREN Whether there are at you household chores?Children of elementary school With pleasure I do tea.With pleasure I wash the dishes.I do not love all duties, but I do theM

Why to photograph

At once we will mark for young parents and teachers camera so as well as a video camera you should not be fond it will not change fluent the sketch made together with the baby.Why to photograph in an album To Murk, shaggy to the Bug?Very simply they are family members, their fine faces have to be kept on an equal basis with people.Friends of the nature call farm animals so Those, who was not lucky.It is difficultly to disprove they are martyrs of requirements person.The main thing not to draw attention of the child to dark and tragic to the parties of relationship of people and animals.

Adult consistently

Occupation Purpose formation of communicative function on a basis uses of imitative words of on, pi, pu.Equipment toys; pictures.Operations procedure.Correlation exercise zvukopod razhaniye with the picture.Adult consistently predjyavlya et also gives to the child of the picture toy a sample of a zvukopodr zhaniye a mouse pipipi, the gun to a navel, a ball opop.Then asks questions.With Library of Logopedazh t t t shch shch m t t t sh t t sh sh shch t ..

But I am du to May, it is not necessary

For example, the egoist will set up you, everything will take away from you and will break, and you upset go home.!And it is not necessary to be upset, simply spit it.Parents speak if on you are called, it is also necessary to make.But I am du to May, it is not necessary to pay attention when on you are called.The egoist does to himself badly because he is a greedy person.It anything did not give, and then it was not given, and to it is worse.

Esli perhaps

Developed to the baby it is possible to offer even such questions, how why?, for that?, etc., ability to do the protozoa developing at the kid conclusions.esli perhaps repeated supervision, and it is also desirable, in the following time consider the order of a titmouse blue with a vertical strip hat, yellow breast.What you considered amusing habits of birds, their small brilliant eyes, plumelets on a tail and wings remember that the purpose supervision even if from a window formation is not only informative, but also humane relation to the nature cause sympathy to to birdies, desire to help theM

Warn children

For example, the person is afraid to get lost in the wood.Councils of wise men to take with itself a compass person; to take with itself a dog animal; to offer a bird of grains, and she will show the way to the house bird; to find a live compass.Branches on a tree grow with southern hundred more densely Rhone, and a moss on a trunk with northern plant.Warn children that councils of wise men can be ska zochny.LESSON TWENTY SEVENTH WISDOM s Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation Ask the parents on any event, having taught shy their wisdoM

Early in the morning

Well, the soninlaw, I see that you are the real man!exclaimed the prince the Sun when the young man took out pie and meat from is enough bags.I willingly will entrust you the wife.Early in the morning the prince the Sun said goodbye to them, gave with himself expensive gifts also carried out them to a long journey.And it is impossible to describe as parents when the daughter were delighted with the younger brother happily came back home.Since then every summer the prince the Sun released the wife on a visit to the the native.

We should

Is it possible to explain to the child?No.But we cannot quell fears directly.We should only compensated by society.And what to do with those children who are not afraid of anything, really, it's extreme?Yes, it's really scary.This is a greater problem than fear.I seen such a child throws a bag on the road, and runs behind it.And let will that be.That is, he knows that he can crush, but he wants to tempt fate.Here is another problem, more profound the search of his destiny and her ordeal.

How else

He should grow person to person.How else he will be correct, useful element of society?So, we say to the children it is good that you had a fight, now saying, but C Rome about it, analyze?You suddenly fell to the level of animals and the animals involved Rey, let's look, as it occurs in nature.And ask suggestive question so are they to us?This discussion is best done in the same the time when the event occurred, or later?Later we can talk about the event only if the children remember that has occurred and is able to realize it in time.

The complicated

Considering existence of these or those komorbidny frustration, we allocated two SDVG functional forms.The simple form is characterized by asinkhroniya symptoms developments carelessness, hyperactivity, dyslexia, dysgraphia, primary form enuresis.The complicated form that join symptoms of an asinkhroniya of development secondary symptoms tics, headaches, secondary form of enuresis, enkoprez, stutter, frustration of social behavior, fobichesky frustration, parasomniya.Children with differ in the complicated SDVG form in higher level of a hyperactivity and impulsivenesses.

There is no other

People immediately resists and does not accept.There is no other way, when a person is under the power of the ego, the internal Bogdani, manifested good and evil.He can't in this situation become judge yourself.This will only happen if it will be linked with that society can hold it in their hands.Then he will be able judging yourself from this principle to your environment.Otherwise, as he will do it himself?On what basis?How will he keep himself, what forces?

; Then the pyatnashka

After a signal of the tutor catch everything children to a razba gatsya on a platform, and driving tries to catch up to go nibud from playing and to touch it by a hand.The one whom the driving touched by a hand, steps aside.Game for it kanchivatsya when the pyatnashka catches playing.; Then the pyatnashka gets out new.The general duration of game minutes, Rules of the game, Playing which pyatnashka touched by a hand, has to step aside.It is possible to catch only after a signal catch.

The tutor

On everyone a taboo retka the ring from serso, and is put on a ring pain necks rubber ball.The playing share on groups on children in porridges that also become a column facing a ball on the second cher what is carried out at distance of steps from stools.To each playing it is given color mesho check.Each group has sacks of one color.I play shchiya remembers color of the sack.The tutor on znachat observing, on one of each column.They stand away from columns and lift the brought down ball, and also put a tag for each wellaimed blow.

Let's learning

So let children develop in accordance with their nature.Let's learning from nature how to achieve balance with it, and then all will be well.So, maybe the girls should be closer to his mother?Let them be near mom and see how it behaves at home, as she gotovit If it were possible!Then we need again to change the whole environment.If our society is returned to the balanced state, and we would produced only things needed for a normal life, not thousands anyone not the right things, most women would prefer to stay at home or to work parttime.

It is very

It is very important, that the adult training the child the psychologist, the teacher, the parent did not break style of training inherent in the child, learned selfhelp helped to reveal, realize that way which is convenient to the pupil thereby supporting its aspiration to independence, giving the chance to perform tasks otherwise Bozovic E.D., ; Murashov A.A., .For one children exceptional children, children with the created cognitive interest independent search of the solution of an educational task, intellectual effort, which is important it is necessary to apply.

An important

Especially often the violations of a course of pregnancy which caused the chronic met prenatal hypoxia a lack of supply with oxygen of a fruit to which especially the developing brain is sensitive.An important place among the pregnancy pathology reasons occupied toxicoses and threats of interruption of pregnancy.are among factors, adverse for development of SDVG hypoxemic ischemic encephalopathy at newborns, prematurity, perenoshennost, hydrocephaly, and also prenatal hypotrophy of Zavadenko N.N., ; A.B.

The daughter

Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation How you think for what people tell thanks?Whether always you thank those who made something for you?Whether it is possible to thank not words, and affairs, and how?SWEET BREAD A.Lopatina en began with scandal.The daughter wanted chocolate ku, but mother told that at first it is necessary to eat porridge or hlebushka with milk.I do not want, they bad, a zanyla the girl.That you, the daughter, and hlebushka presented a squash to us zernysh kI

I will be a senior

Material sets of games and scheme The Mongolian game, Are himedova game, Kolumbovo egg, Pythagoras's puzzle, tangram, etc.Occupation course Teacher.Today all of you will be designers.Game struktor it is people who think out new wave ny, ships, space rockets and other mechanisms.You will work in design office.I will be a senior designer.When we come to design office, not forget to greet.Remember different forms privetst Viy.Children.Hello, good afternoon, hI

Sorry, that

It is a stupid mother.Sorry, that as I call theM

In a cage

Instructions to carrying out game A role of the senior fisherman has to execute vosp tatel, and his assistant someone from children.On the moshchnik is appointed the tutor, as this role not each child can execute.During game assistants are replaced.In a cage it is possible to put a bench where it is caught ny small fishes will sit before the end of means of this game the tutor develops children have a dexterity, ingenuity, ability action to vat on a signal.Children practise in fast run with a uvertyvaniye and in catching.

About the river

She turned on the light and fed Sergey.About the river and the boat they did not talk any more.Next day Sergey woke up late.Mother left on rehearsal, but the father, to a great regret of the boy, was houses.Hi, Serega, I took a compensatory holiday.Went together on rybat ku the father vigorously offered.You even to the country with us never go, and rods at you is not present?the son grinned.I at the neighbor borrowed rods, and the boat rubber in about Took Katya so drink tea and went.

So, if child

The plan of work provided by us with the child has conditional character.In everyone concrete case it can be corrected.So, if child long time attends preschool institution or school, information on him gathers much quicker and easier, than in case of assistance in the advisory center.Inspection of the child can include the fixed supervision over it, the direction if necessary to the medical expert, to the logopedist, to the speech pathologist.Besides, the psychologist can carry out the ToulousePyerona test, the qualitative analysis with the child which results will give additional information on character of mistakes, on speed activity of the child, about ability to switch attention, etc.

Circles turn

Participants of game get up in couples in a circle, a povorachiv yutsyatsya to each other by the person.circles turn out vnut rhenium tickets and external passengers.On a lot or by means of a counting rhyme choose driving the shchy hare, he gets up in the center of an internal circle.Rules & about Whether P about team vodyashch it P about e ha!stoyashch iye in circles begin dv of hectare tsya in different with t about About Rhone.Soon for I am c shouts To about N tr about le r!

Vospita the tel of younger

Participation of the tutor in game depends from nature of the game, from structure of group and age children, from their behavior during game.Than it is less the age playing, that is more active the tutor.Vospita the tel of younger group plays on an equal basis with children or you polnyat a leading role.Thus it at the same time hand drives game, gives signals, watches performance children of rules.For example, in game Vorobyshki and a car mobile the tutor, playing a role of car, at the same time gives a signal when to vorobyshka to take off from a nest when to peck when to come back to the nests.

After small

If the child does not notice the adult's mistake, that asks it Everything is correct?I do not remember, you asked to bring a red circle or a triangle?It is easy to carry out this exercise in an informal situation.And any moment it is possible to tell the child Bring, please, from the room a red pencil and green handle.After small training signs can be complicated color to replace with a form, quantity and other signs.For example Bring, please, from kitchen a teaspoon and two bay leaves.

A pink tower

The child learns to define correctly ve to nichin; all nested dolls are mixed, it is necessary to construct their pr iilno.Further it is possible to experiment options on structures of ranks.A pink tower since , years Purposes formation of the concepts the big small; development of a motility, coordination of movements, abilities uporyado to chivat subjects.Material a pink tower from cubes of the different sizes from I to cM

A sound

Material, cards with pictures, plates with words to them; control cards where the word and the picture are integrated.Description the child spreads cards and plates on і' the goal also selects the plate corresponding to the picture.A sound engine since years Purpose ability to distinguish sounds in the word aurally; preparation to the competent letter.Material the engine model with three cars, a carat set tinok, in which name the general sound at the beginning, the middle, end.

For example

Drawing Gifts for Inhabitants of the Earth All children sympathetic clouds.Everyone has to think up and to draw the gift to inhabitants of the earth.For example I will present to the sick girl a fluffy small pillow; I will present to the crying kid a fluffy cloudy hare.Game Than We Are Beautiful Children get up in a circle.Turn on the music and ask children before to put that over the earth the Bird of Beauty flies and teaches people to find in each other all fine beautiful eyes, hair, kind character.


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