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The complicated

The complicated Considering existence of these or those komorbidny frustration, we allocated two SDVG functional forms.

The simple form is characterized by asinkhroniya symptoms developments carelessness, hyperactivity, dyslexia, dysgraphia, primary form enuresis.

The complicated form that join symptoms of an asinkhroniya of development secondary symptoms tics, headaches, secondary form of enuresis, enkoprez, stutter, frustration of social behavior, fobichesky frustration, parasomniya.

Children with differ in the complicated SDVG form in higher level of a hyperactivity and impulsivenesses.

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There is no other

There is no other People immediately resists and does not accept.

There is no other way, when a person is under the power of the ego, the internal Bogdani, manifested good and evil.

He can't in this situation become judge yourself.

This will only happen if it will be linked with that society can hold it in their hands.

Then he will be able judging yourself from this principle to your environment.

Otherwise, as he will do it himself?

On what basis?

How will he keep himself, what forces?

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; Then the pyatnashka

; Then the pyatnashka After a signal of the tutor catch everything children to a razba gatsya on a platform, and driving tries to catch up to go nibud from playing and to touch it by a hand.

The one whom the driving touched by a hand, steps aside.

Game for it kanchivatsya when the pyatnashka catches playing.

; Then the pyatnashka gets out new.

The general duration of game minutes, Rules of the game, Playing which pyatnashka touched by a hand, has to step aside.

It is possible to catch only after a signal catch.

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The tutor

The tutor On everyone a taboo retka the ring from serso, and is put on a ring pain necks rubber ball.

The playing share on groups on children in porridges that also become a column facing a ball on the second cher what is carried out at distance of steps from stools.

To each playing it is given color mesho check.

Each group has sacks of one color.

I play shchiya remembers color of the sack.

The tutor on znachat observing, on one of each column.

They stand away from columns and lift the brought down ball, and also put a tag for each wellaimed blow.

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Let's learning

Let's learning So let children develop in accordance with their nature.

Let's learning from nature how to achieve balance with it, and then all will be well.

So, maybe the girls should be closer to his mother?

Let them be near mom and see how it behaves at home, as she gotovit If it were possible!

Then we need again to change the whole environment.

If our society is returned to the balanced state, and we would produced only things needed for a normal life, not thousands anyone not the right things, most women would prefer to stay at home or to work parttime.

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It is very

It is very It is very important, that the adult training the child the psychologist, the teacher, the parent did not break style of training inherent in the child, learned selfhelp helped to reveal, realize that way which is convenient to the pupil thereby supporting its aspiration to independence, giving the chance to perform tasks otherwise Bozovic E.


, ; Murashov A.


, .

For one children exceptional children, children with the created cognitive interest independent search of the solution of an educational task, intellectual effort, which is important it is necessary to apply.

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