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Kick the ball

Kick the ball The team players who dropped a ball on plo shchadka, miss the goal.

Stock ball.

Play on a platform before you soky fence or blank wall without windows.

Mi nimalny number of players .

Players queue.

Kick the ball foot so that it would hit a wall, and then, on a rebound, struck has to through it to jump.

Jumped runs in the end turns, the ball is kicked by the following player etc.

Before a leaping it is allowed only odes but earth ball contact.

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Driving Then teams change ro lyaM. Taken bigger number of scarfs to about The l of a mand is considered won.


U AT Haudu a chalka lashshsky At cut game Stock the squared stick.

Minimal Nov number of players .

Strsshpravit games of the equal Players lay down on the earth facedown around, go fishing to the head also close eyes.

Driving throws about hewn stick in bushes, and on its signal players run to bushes also try to find a stick.

Found fell ku becomes driving.

Players build from alchik one row so that the line not less than m long, and otkho would be formed dit from this place on m where draw the line of fight.

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It is very

It is very One relative to another?


To clarify this with logic, and sensual.

This will help the child if not cope fully, but, in any case, to understand what is happening with hiM. Because he has no threads for which he may seize that to get out of the inner vortex in which it is located.

Him need to promote this tangle.

It is very important to be his partner.

An educator should be both a mentor, and friend, that is in something to be higher and more experienced, but to be able to descend to the level of the child.

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The woodcutter

The woodcutter V Written work Write history how the dog and a bear from the fairy tale found to itself new owner.

Drawing Draw a stone bear and tell how it helped people in different to situations?

AS THE PINE FOR GOOD PAID BACK Japanese fairy tale Once upon a time there was a woodcutter, kind, but very poor.

Liu the woodcutter's trees never he without need live beat will not cut down a branch, will not break.

The woodcutter knew you will break a branch the tree can wither, and he protected trees in the wood.

There was somehow time the woodcutter on the wood.

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The relative

The relative Whether it was difficult for you to guess?

All of us than.

are similar.

GAME since years Purposes During this game it is very beautifully shown as an originality of each child, and the general the lines uniting it with others.

Everyone is calmed by thought that in something it not it is lonely.

The relative lack of time provides some superficiality of communication, that facilitates participation in game of constraining children.

This game involves children in intensive process of exchange of information about itself.

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If You want

If You want They live according to their importance on Facebook?

Literally so.

The question is how to approach modern undergrowth Kam, who thus live and something to change them to instill values, we want them to have?

Where to start?

First of all, it is impossible to start midway suddenly come to year old teenagers and start to talk.

At what age a child is considered a teenager?


If You want my opinion, in the years a person is an adult, and not a teenager.

It's late?

A teenager he is much earlier from up to years.

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