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Well, and this

Well, and this And the average brother had to do the same way, so far at last he did not drive up to a high castle where there lived the sister.

Tenderly she met him, embraced, without knowing, to laugh or pla to kat for pleasure.

And the prince the Sun was glad to arrival of the young man.

At last the average brother dared and asked the Sun to release the sister home to stay for a while.

Well, and this time the Sun agreed, I will release it with you if you show, on what you are good.

Popas tomorrow mine sheep and meaning that you grazed them properly, but did not leave without supervision, bring to me gradually everything that they ate.

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It and noticed

It and noticed She bitterly cried because it cut a finger.

It and noticed nothing anybody, except pain.

Then fairies surrounded its dense ring and amicably waved the wings.

The girl lightened and ceased to cry.

Fairies asked sunshine to dry up somewhat quicker devochkina of tears ki, and she started listening to everything around.

It uslysha la as flowers smell, buzz insects and birds sing.

And fairies whispered to it that the world is beautiful around that a wound on pal tse will soon heal, and you should not be afflicted strongly.

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Friend Birthday

Friend Birthday Creative task When to children it is not necessary care Divide children into groups.

Each group receives a card with drawing of any pet, for example horses, monkeys, turtles, parrot, cat, dog, etc.

Children sostavlya yut the story as it is necessary to look after this pet, that was to it well.

Friend Birthday ended, and Sasha's friends dispersed.

Day passed cheerfully, but in the evening the boy became sad.

Again there is no puppy!

Mother promised, the father promised and nevertheless did not buy.

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, etc. Tsaka

, etc. Tsaka Children and Tutya build it the bridge.

Tsaka runs and plays pranks with a balloon in a pad.

Tutya finishes it to go to the house the rain gathers.

Tutya takes Tsaka by hand and conducts home, but here flies a strong wind and carries away girlfriends far in dark.

Different animals what at you is help to find a path back Go to that pines, woodpecker will tell how further to go.

Go on this curve path, there the mousenorushka will prompt the road.

, etc.

Tsaka is not afraid and hurries to look at everything around.

Tutya is anxious.

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Wanted to eat orange

Wanted to eat orange lines we lower hands, we connect palms to close fingers and we bend all fingers that in one, in other party.

lines we stroke a palm about a palm easy roundabouts.

Wanted to eat orange Five children, and it one.

This segment for Natasha, This will be given by us to Sasha, We will treat with this to Marin, Well, and we will give two to Irina.

Will eat the others Our lovely Nadyusha.

lines we do roundabouts by both hands as though we have in palms an orange.

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From a hollow

From a hollow He was even unable not to come to the friend.

Next morning the friend told it with a smile And I believed that you one overcame a wild goat!

It became offensive for the young hunter, and he thought with bitterness Whether yes my friend loves me?

Soon in the regular way it again went to the wood.

On a track, on which animals daily went on a watering place, was not yet hot scents.

Any forest animal did not meet to him on this time.

So there was it long.

From a hollow fog rose.

Suddenly to it was heard as if on a hill slope someone struck winter crop mo tygy.

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