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Warn children

Warn children Under music insects and flowers cheerfully dance and are turned.

Unexpectedly music breaks, and all children fade.

Then the teacher gives to group of insects team the rain gathers the sun sat down, look for a lodging for the night; it is time to have dinner etc.


On command insects under fly by the flowers and take them by hands.

Warn children that near each flower has to be on one insect.

Then each couple makes a small sketch dialogue.

The flower has to tell an insect some hospitable phrases, for example I will cover you from a rain; I will feed sweet nectar.

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Questions They raskhazhi bring down on footpaths, trampling down petals, and petals did not wither; they drank water from aryk, and the issue was not confused; they broke with derev ev fruits, and fruits did not decrease.

All day did not stop in a garden domra sounds, cheerful songs, loud laughter.

Questions and tasks What people were Asanas, Hassan and their children?

Why all of them refused gold?

Present that you one of the wise man's pupils.

As if you posove tovat to people to dispose of the found gold?

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Bie U. lichn

Bie U. lichn Caught zhmurka itself becomes driving.

There are some more versions blindman'sbuff.

The m of the criminal but, eats m and x Rules Start playing as well as a usual blindman'sbuff.

But after participants ran up, they have to to remain on the places, so far zhmurka looks for theM. Bie U.

lichn and Morobyi players cannot igrygat, they can quietly squat, to deviate, but not to descend from a place.

about The m the criminal d about l e not that lko to touch with N to found at the player but also to call it on name.

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Shortly To test itself, it it is loud shouted and clearly heard the voice which is repeatedly repeated echo.

Vision did not disappear.

Then it very much directed to the wise man's tilt cart also told about everything that with him there it happened.

Having listened to his story, both the wise man, and three of his pupils, and Asanas with Hasen, and their children wished to see a garden immediately.

Shortly the hearing about a wonderful garden was carried on all steppes.

The first to a garden rode on the fleet amblers riders of a blue blood.

But only they reached an edge, as before them the high fencing with iron gate grew on seven locks.

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Before Can they dis to kurirovat each other?

Or, perhaps, participate in any joint the action?

That will come later and in a particular forM. Do you think that we should start sex education is not just nine years old?

In nine years we begin to talk with them about their sexual identity in particular, about the relations between the sexes, on the continuation of life.

Before that they are not able to perceive these phenomena.

In each of them there is no VNU internal prerequisites in order to understand why and how things happen.

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As a rule, at first

As a rule, at first After discussion it is possible to ask children that, in their opinion, on the following occupation it is possible to make even better.

If the psychologist uses in correctional work zhetonny system, on the final occupation stage after all counters are handed, it is possible to ask children to whom they would give additional counter.

As a rule, at first some children propose the candidacy, however the psychologist asks to mark out any of companions.

As children, especially preschool age, sometimes suggest to mark out the friend or the girlfriend, the leader asks to prove for what it is possible to mark out this or that child.

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