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Sorry, that

Sorry, that It is a stupid mother.

Sorry, that as I call theM. We are finished.

The key point today is good and evil.

And anyway, you need to create these feelings in the environment and to produce change in society.

And then this change will help people correctly to perceive the reality and understand that there are always two reins of good and the evil that manage them, and between them he should build Seba Part two The education of girls MM s the subject Boys and girls and their upbringing.

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In a cage

In a cage Instructions to carrying out game A role of the senior fisherman has to execute vosp tatel, and his assistant someone from children.

On the moshchnik is appointed the tutor, as this role not each child can execute.

During game assistants are replaced.

In a cage it is possible to put a bench where it is caught ny small fishes will sit before the end of catching.

by means of this game the tutor develops children have a dexterity, ingenuity, ability action to vat on a signal.

Children practise in fast run with a uvertyvaniye and in catching.

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About the river

About the river She turned on the light and fed Sergey.

About the river and the boat they did not talk any more.

Next day Sergey woke up late.

Mother left on rehearsal, but the father, to a great regret of the boy, was houses.

Hi, Serega, I took a compensatory holiday.

Went together on rybat ku the father vigorously offered.

You even to the country with us never go, and rods at you is not present?

the son grinned.

I at the neighbor borrowed rods, and the boat rubber in about Took Katya so drink tea and went.

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