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It is very

It is very It is very important, that the adult training the child the psychologist, the teacher, the parent did not break style of training inherent in the child, learned selfhelp helped to reveal, realize that way which is convenient to the pupil thereby supporting its aspiration to independence, giving the chance to perform tasks otherwise Bozovic E.


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For one children exceptional children, children with the created cognitive interest independent search of the solution of an educational task, intellectual effort, which is important it is necessary to apply.

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An important

An important Especially often the violations of a course of pregnancy which caused the chronic met prenatal hypoxia a lack of supply with oxygen of a fruit to which especially the developing brain is sensitive.

An important place among the pregnancy pathology reasons occupied toxicoses and threats of interruption of pregnancy.

are among factors, adverse for development of SDVG hypoxemic ischemic encephalopathy at newborns, prematurity, perenoshennost, hydrocephaly, and also prenatal hypotrophy of Zavadenko N.


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The daughter

The daughter Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation How you think for what people tell thanks?

Whether always you thank those who made something for you?

Whether it is possible to thank not words, and affairs, and how?


Lopatina en began with scandal.

The daughter wanted chocolate ku, but mother told that at first it is necessary to eat porridge or hlebushka with milk.

I do not want, they bad, a zanyla the girl.

That you, the daughter, and hlebushka presented a squash to us zernysh kI. Our earth for you grew up them, the force powerful hid in them, mother began to explain.

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I will be a senior

I will be a senior Material sets of games and scheme The Mongolian game, Are himedova game, Kolumbovo egg, Pythagoras's puzzle, tangram, etc.

Occupation course Teacher.

Today all of you will be designers.

Game struktor it is people who think out new wave ny, ships, space rockets and other mechanisms.

You will work in design office.

I will be a senior designer.

When we come to design office, not forget to greet.

Remember different forms privetst Viy.


Hello, good afternoon, hI. Teacher.

And now take the workplaces.

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