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Vospita the tel of younger

Vospita the tel of younger Participation of the tutor in game depends from nature of the game, from structure of group and age children, from their behavior during game.

Than it is less the age playing, that is more active the tutor.

Vospita the tel of younger group plays on an equal basis with children or you polnyat a leading role.

Thus it at the same time hand drives game, gives signals, watches performance children of rules.

For example, in game Vorobyshki and a car mobile the tutor, playing a role of car, at the same time gives a signal when to vorobyshka to take off from a nest when to peck when to come back to the nests.

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After small

After small If the child does not notice the adult's mistake, that asks it Everything is correct?

I do not remember, you asked to bring a red circle or a triangle?

It is easy to carry out this exercise in an informal situation.

And any moment it is possible to tell the child Bring, please, from the room a red pencil and green handle.

After small training signs can be complicated color to replace with a form, quantity and other signs.

For example Bring, please, from kitchen a teaspoon and two bay leaves.

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A pink tower

A pink tower The child learns to define correctly ve to nichin; all nested dolls are mixed, it is necessary to construct their pr iilno.

Further it is possible to experiment options on structures of ranks.

A pink tower since , years Purposes formation of the concepts the big small; development of a motility, coordination of movements, abilities uporyado to chivat subjects.

Material a pink tower from cubes of the different sizes from I to cM. Description since a big cube to construct a tower.

To Nzit the biggest cube and the smallest, to compare them, calling It is big, it is small.

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A sound

A sound Material, cards with pictures, plates with words to them; control cards where the word and the picture are integrated.

Description the child spreads cards and plates on і' the goal also selects the plate corresponding to the picture.

A sound engine since years Purpose ability to distinguish sounds in the word aurally; preparation to the competent letter.

Material the engine model with three cars, a carat set tinok, in which name the general sound at the beginning, the middle, end.

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For example

For example Drawing Gifts for Inhabitants of the Earth All children sympathetic clouds.

Everyone has to think up and to draw the gift to inhabitants of the earth.

For example I will present to the sick girl a fluffy small pillow; I will present to the crying kid a fluffy cloudy hare.

Game Than We Are Beautiful Children get up in a circle.

Turn on the music and ask children before to put that over the earth the Bird of Beauty flies and teaches people to find in each other all fine beautiful eyes, hair, kind character.

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