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Adult consistently

Adult consistently Occupation Purpose formation of communicative function on a basis uses of imitative words of on, pi, pu.

Equipment toys; pictures.

Operations procedure.

Correlation exercise zvukopod razhaniye with the picture.

Adult consistently predjyavlya et also gives to the child of the picture toy a sample of a zvukopodr zhaniye a mouse pipipi, the gun to a navel, a ball opop.

Then asks questions.

With Library of Logopedazh t t t shch shch m t t t sh t t sh sh shch t .


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But I am du to May, it is not necessary

But I am du to May, it is not necessary For example, the egoist will set up you, everything will take away from you and will break, and you upset go home.


And it is not necessary to be upset, simply spit it.

Parents speak if on you are called, it is also necessary to make.

But I am du to May, it is not necessary to pay attention when on you are called.

The egoist does to himself badly because he is a greedy person.

It anything did not give, and then it was not given, and to it is worse.

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Esli perhaps

Esli perhaps Developed to the baby it is possible to offer even such questions, how why?

, for that?

, etc.

, ability to do the protozoa developing at the kid conclusions.

esli perhaps repeated supervision, and it is also desirable, in the following time consider the order of a titmouse blue with a vertical strip hat, yellow breast.

What you considered amusing habits of birds, their small brilliant eyes, plumelets on a tail and wings remember that the purpose supervision even if from a window formation is not only informative, but also humane relation to the nature cause sympathy to to birdies, desire to help theM. For this purpose the kid can offer the game surprise.

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Warn children

Warn children For example, the person is afraid to get lost in the wood.

Councils of wise men to take with itself a compass person; to take with itself a dog animal; to offer a bird of grains, and she will show the way to the house bird; to find a live compass.

Branches on a tree grow with southern hundred more densely Rhone, and a moss on a trunk with northern plant.

Warn children that councils of wise men can be ska zochny.

LESSON TWENTY SEVENTH WISDOM s Conversation Questions and tasks for conversation Ask the parents on any event, having taught shy their wisdoM. What helps the person to be wise?

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Early in the morning

Early in the morning Well, the soninlaw, I see that you are the real man!

exclaimed the prince the Sun when the young man took out pie and meat from is enough bags.

I willingly will entrust you the wife.

Early in the morning the prince the Sun said goodbye to them, gave with himself expensive gifts also carried out them to a long journey.

And it is impossible to describe as parents when the daughter were delighted with the younger brother happily came back home.

Since then every summer the prince the Sun released the wife on a visit to the the native.

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We should

We should Is it possible to explain to the child?


But we cannot quell fears directly.

We should only compensated by society.

And what to do with those children who are not afraid of anything, really, it's extreme?

Yes, it's really scary.

This is a greater problem than fear.

I seen such a child throws a bag on the road, and runs behind it.

And let will that be.

That is, he knows that he can crush, but he wants to tempt fate.

Here is another problem, more profound the search of his destiny and her ordeal.

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How else

How else He should grow person to person.

How else he will be correct, useful element of society?

So, we say to the children it is good that you had a fight, now saying, but C Rome about it, analyze?

You suddenly fell to the level of animals and the animals involved Rey, let's look, as it occurs in nature.

And ask suggestive question so are they to us?

This discussion is best done in the same the time when the event occurred, or later?

Later we can talk about the event only if the children remember that has occurred and is able to realize it in time.

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