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If sluggishness

If sluggishness One at first do, and then think, others, on the contrary, at first all carefully consider.

If sluggishness the child it is feature of his nervous system, his character, he is simply not able to hurry and therefore everything does netoropl in.

Parents need to accept temperament of the child so as they accept color of his eyes or hair.

Speed and rhythm of modern life often much quicker, than rhythm of life of the child.

The adult living in the modern world and re shayushchy in a day the set of problems, is hard to consult with reaped niy to hasten the child that he managed to make the affairs in time.

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Between I do not think, because it goes against nature.

But he may, by asking questions, right to send older.

To make it even better teacher?

I ask to what extent Your daughters influenced each other in the process growing up?

Very much.

Between brothers and sisters is established clear the hierarchy.

Theorists of psychology, in particular Alfred Adler, say, what is the eldest child always has something to teach the younger, and not only Part one to quarrel with hiM. It turns out that role, which we attribute to the children, let it enables them to show respect and appreciate each other, perhaps even to consult with each other.

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Berry, koto

Berry, koto No, mother, we only found one and that decided to bring you.

God rescued you, children!

mother exclaimed.

Berry, koto swarm you so admire, is called as wolf berry, it very much it is poisonous.

Who will eat it by all means will die.

And with these words the woman threw berry on the earth and races trampled down it.

Petya stood, having lowered a head, and nearly cried, poor mal Chick was very afflicted that he did not manage to deliver udovol stvy mothers.

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The woman

The woman Not to cry, eat quickly!

cried with irritation woman.

Manechka suddenly ceased to be afraid As you dare to shout at my sister.

I will not give it in offense!

The stranger shriveled and decreased in sizes.

Izv we nyayushchitsya by voice she murmured Ah, I'm sorry, here for Anechki a piece of fine cheese for breakfast.

The woman got cheese from a handbag and stretched it to vochka.

An, break off to me a half Manechka asked.

I have not enough younger sister and murmured with greed swallowed cheese.

The greedy person, choke addressed her Ma nechka.

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Game duration

Game duration Then children me nyatsya by roles.

It is possible to play at the same time with two subgroup mi children, two kites, two in that case get out brood hens and chickens form two columns.

Chickens can hold a dress ahead standing or to put hands each other on shoulders.

Game duration with same on grid no more than sec.

Upon termination of game the tutor marks out those on the horseman which well protected chickens.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ingenuity, dexterity, feeling tovarishchest va.

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With hunting

With hunting OPINION OF CHILDREN Whether there are at you household chores?

Children of elementary school With pleasure I do tea.

With pleasure I wash the dishes.

I do not love all duties, but I do theM. Or I do not do.

With pleasure I prepare and I clean ware and I wash it.

In total lyu blyu to do.

I like to be moved away at myself the room, but I do not like to wash the dishes.

With hunting I iron a cat, I sleep.

With a reluctance I vacuum, I do homework, I wash the bicycle.

With a reluctance I feed a turtle, and with pleasure a hare.

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Why to photograph

Why to photograph At once we will mark for young parents and teachers camera so as well as a video camera you should not be fond it will not change fluent the sketch made together with the baby.

Why to photograph in an album To Murk, shaggy to the Bug?

Very simply they are family members, their fine faces have to be kept on an equal basis with people.

Friends of the nature call farm animals so Those, who was not lucky.

It is difficultly to disprove they are martyrs of requirements person.

The main thing not to draw attention of the child to dark and tragic to the parties of relationship of people and animals.

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