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The woodcutter

The woodcutter V Written work Write history how the dog and a bear from the fairy tale found to itself new owner.

Drawing Draw a stone bear and tell how it helped people in different to situations?

AS THE PINE FOR GOOD PAID BACK Japanese fairy tale Once upon a time there was a woodcutter, kind, but very poor.

Liu the woodcutter's trees never he without need live beat will not cut down a branch, will not break.

The woodcutter knew you will break a branch the tree can wither, and he protected trees in the wood.

There was somehow time the woodcutter on the wood.

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The relative

The relative Whether it was difficult for you to guess?

All of us than.

are similar.

GAME since years Purposes During this game it is very beautifully shown as an originality of each child, and the general the lines uniting it with others.

Everyone is calmed by thought that in something it not it is lonely.

The relative lack of time provides some superficiality of communication, that facilitates participation in game of constraining children.

This game involves children in intensive process of exchange of information about itself.

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If You want

If You want They live according to their importance on Facebook?

Literally so.

The question is how to approach modern undergrowth Kam, who thus live and something to change them to instill values, we want them to have?

Where to start?

First of all, it is impossible to start midway suddenly come to year old teenagers and start to talk.

At what age a child is considered a teenager?


If You want my opinion, in the years a person is an adult, and not a teenager.

It's late?

A teenager he is much earlier from up to years.

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Information After performance by pupils of a task at their own choice it is possible to issue the stand with interesting recipes, to carry out to ask discussion of this form of work, what stage of work was interfaced with additional difficulties or with positive emotions search of literature, actually language activity, registration of work for the stand.

Information received by the teacher in the course of discussion, it can be used when planning the further activity at lessons.

By preparation of homework for physics the teacher can recommend not simply to learn theoretical material, but also to pick up tasks of this subject, having shown their decision before a class; to give the report, to issue the stand etc.

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But other

But other Do not judge children strictly We ask, do not judge strictly, We look for the road, We want to find ourselves, Way we will not repeat yours.

It is fine, light, clear, And, of course, it is not vain.

But other absolutely our way, Difficult it, rocky let.

In it dense woods Hide miracles in hollows, In it deep ravines Teach force and courage.

In it there are hurricanes, Bruises and even wounds, But a love star in way Helps us to go.

You it lit it, That we found happiness.

We always know about it, We will not lose a star.

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And they

And they Did not wonder when placed in the wood traps, whose hands they are made.

And they were weaved from branches and lianas by his elder brother preserving carefree youth of the younger.

Younger it seemed that the brother does not understand it, therefore always chose to himself in companions of the neighbour's boy, companion dets ky entertainments.

With it they were unseparable.

That too well shot, knew forest tracks and habits fly into a rage.

And still he knew many exotic stories from the grandfather, old hunter.

So, together, boys carried out the whole days, and having come home, divided production.

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Behind us there

Behind us there In one second he seized me by a hand and shouted jump, and we jumped over a ditch.

And I understood that this horse was enraged, and cried from horror.

Behind us there was a woman with a carriage.

It too closed the person hands also cried.

Then my father again jumped on to to horn, pushed the woman in a ditch, and a carriage with the child grabbed also jumped back.

He managed to grab a carriage almost for I ask senky fraction of a second from a horse.

The horse flew by, and he rescued all of us.

Woman was wet because it fell in a ditch.

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